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Youth for Conservation (Y4C) is a platform for young people who advocate for sensible and effective environmental policy, fostering secular engagement with non-partisan youth, particularly university students.

Formed by a passionate team, it engages supporters at national level to shift the dialogue away from the extremes too often seen in the politics around climate and conservation.

Our People:

Riley Taylor


Riley is a member of the NSW Young Liberal Policy Committee, driven by a desire for effective action on climate change, having contributed to the discourse through the production of the NSW Young Liberal Climate Change Policy Document. He has experience in the entertainment industry and various NGOs, and currently works for the Member for North Sydney. Riley also volunteers as a paralegal for the Aboriginal Legal Service, wherein he has experience within the NSW Justice System assisting advocates, both in court and in the office. Outside of his professional life, Riley studies a Bachelor of Arts (Economics) and Law at Macquarie University, where he is heavily involved in student life

Natalie Hissey

Deputy Chairperson

Natalie has extensive experience campaigning and networking having worked as a media advisor to the Minister for Customer Service, and is currently employed as the Media and Communications Advisor. She has a long record of advocating for progressive liberal causes including environmental stewardship, such as her advocacy on climate policy. Natalie has experience in the legal sector working as a paralegal for immigration lawyers and volunteering at Youth Legal Centres. 

Georgia Weeden


Demonstrated by her involvement in both politics and university activism, Georgia is an enthusiastic activist for conservation and climate change action. Whether it is through the Young Liberal executive positions she holds or through her contribution to the NSW Young Liberal Climate Change Policy document in late 2019, Georgia strives to ensure that conservation efforts and reform are at the forefront of both public and private sector decision making. Currently, Georgia is working at an international law firm. Aside from her professional experience, Georgia is studying a Bachelor of Laws and Arts (Public Policy) and is very active in her university community. 

James Ardouin

Engagement Director

James is a 4th year Bachelor of Arts (Economics) & Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Finance) at the University of Sydney. He was previously employed as a staffer for Jason Falinski MP and now works as an Associate at Advoc8. He is interested in the intersection between renewable energy and the finance sector, particularly developing the international market of carbon abatement instruments. James also has been heavily involved in campus politics including the SRC, NUS, Society for Liberty and is currently serving as Undergraduate Member of the Academic Board.

Nicholas Comino

Marketing Director

Nicholas is originally from Queensland and studies agricultural economics at the University of Sydney. He is a Senior Associate at Macquarie Bank and is currently an elected member of the 92nd University of Sydney Student Representative Council. He has been a long time advocate for climate change solutions from a centre-right perspective. 

Tamika Dartnell-Moore

Communications Director

Tamika works as an advisor to a Minister in the New South Wales Government. She is passionate about sustainable water management, clean energy, and making it easy and affordable for individuals to make environmentally-friendly choices. Tamika graduated with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Government Relations and Arabic.

Leo Coleman

Policy Director

Leo has experience in advocating for action on climate change throughout several spheres of his life. As chair of the Australian Medical Students’ Association Council, as well a policy writer, Leo has experience in shaping policy debate. As a Public Policy Fellow at UNSW, Leo is developing ways to develop and implement good public policy. In addition, Leo has undertaken research at the Centre for Big Data Research in Health and has an interest in the health effects of a changing climate.

Dimitri Konstantinidis 

External Relations Director

Dimitri Konstantinidis has received a Bachelor of Science from UNSW and is currently working in Workers Compensation Insurance as a Case Management Specialist. Dimitri is passionate about Australia’s future and wishes for the Government to take a stronger stance on climate change on the world stage. He believes taking action on climate change can also result in accelerating Australia’s economic growth through investments in renewables and sustainable agricultural technologies. Dimitri considers Australia a country which is perfectly tailored to tap into these markets with our innovative researchers and our abundance of sunlight, wind, and water.

Thomas Byrnes

NSW State Manager

Thomas has completed his Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of New South Wales and will go on to finish his Juris Doctorate. He has been active in campaigns on campus to promote the transition to renewable energy sources. These campaigns were successful in persuading the university to commit to a partial divestment from fossil fuels. Thomas currently works full time managing the Accounts Department of a small business. He is passionate about attaining sensible climate policy solutions to not only preserve the enviornment but promote economic growth within Australia as he believes that we have the potential to be a world leader in this sector.

Sali Miftari

Victoria Director

Sali is a Young Liberal and wants to see Australia's political parties modernise to better reflect the diversity and complexity of our nation. Born and raised in suburban Melbourne to an asylum seeker who escaped the Albanian dictatorship and migrated to Australia, Sali has a unique perspective on what it's like to grow up as a first-generation Australian in contemporary Australia. With an interest in health policy and the environment, Sali has completed studies in Economics and Human Geography at Monash University, and is planning to pursue further study in 2021. He has professional experience in Strategy and Development roles within the Health sector and has had strong exposure to the realities of engaging in rapidly growing Asian markets. He is interested in building networks and connecting people and likes to bring a youthful and energetic approach to challenging policy and societal issues in Australia. He particularly enjoys working with fellow young Australians to unlock their potential and strengthen their leadership capacity. The absence of young voices from the decision-making table and public debate seriously concerns Sali, as the impacts of public policy are more likely to have greater effect in the future when they are adults with work, family and home commitments.

Toby Woolridge

Victoria Director

Joining the Liberal Party at 16 years of age, Toby has been actively involved in many local, state and federal election campaigns. Throughout his time as a Liberal member, Toby has held several elected positions within the Party including but, not limited to, local branch President and State Council delegate. Toby currently works full-time for Coles Group in their property team. During his studies, Toby held part-time roles as a Policy Assistant at the Property Council of Victoria and as an Electorate Officer to a Victorian Minister. Toby graduated from his undergraduate degree in 2016. Toby will graduate with a Master of Property in June 2020 and is currently writing his thesis on the nexus between real estate economics and elections. Toby is a committee member of Project Independence (Melbourne), a social housing development for people with an intellectual disability. Toby is an active member of the Liberal Party in Victoria.

Andy Gordon

Victoria State Manager

Andrew Gordon is passionate about the energy industry, and how investment in renewable energy systems can create an environmental and economic boom for Australia. Andrew is currently studying a bachelor of banking and finance and a bachelor of business (economics and accounting). Over the last 6 months, Andrew has interned at a renewable energy start-up that provides embedded network energy to businesses. Andrew believes that governments need to create a platform for investments in Australia’s clean and green renewable energy future as a way to drive job creation and emissions reduction.

Sean Tran

Queensland State Manager

Sean is a penultimate student at the University of Queensland studying law, finance and French. Alongside his studies, Sean also has experience as a Paralegal at Clyde & Co, President of the University of Queensland Law Society and as a Project Associate at social impact consulting firm spur:org. Over the next year, Sean will also be completing legal clerkships at several leading Australian law firms. Sean has a strong interest in facilitating the conversation about energy transition. He recognises that there are growing opportunities in this space and is excited about the role that government can play in helping the market transition to a carbon-free world.

Sophia Marsh-Corbin

South Australia State Manager

Sophia has just completed her final year of a Bachelor of Arts (Politics and International Relations) and Bachelor of Laws at the University of Adelaide, and she currently works for the Federal Member for Sturt. Sophia has an interest in policy development and is particularly passionate about Australia’s need for greater action on climate change and environmental sustainability, which has led her to pursue a focus on environmental policy through her involvement as the Vice President of the SA Young Liberal Movement.

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