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Youth for Conservation (Y4C) is a platform for young people who advocate for sensible and effective environmental policy, fostering secular engagement with non-partisan youth, particularly university students.

Formed by a passionate team, it engages supporters at national level to shift the dialogue away from the extremes too often seen in the politics around climate and conservation.

Our People:

Riley Taylor


Riley is a member of the NSW Young Liberal Policy Committee, driven by a desire for effective action on climate change, having contributed to the discourse through the production of the NSW Young Liberal Climate Change Policy Document. He has experience in the entertainment industry and various NGOs, and currently works for the Member for North Sydney. Riley also volunteers as a paralegal for the Aboriginal Legal Service, wherein he has experience within the NSW Justice System assisting advocates, both in court and in the office. Outside of his professional life, Riley studies a Bachelor of Arts (Economics) and Law at Macquarie University, where he is heavily involved in student life

Leo Coleman

Deputy Chairperson

Leo has experience in advocating for action on climate change throughout several spheres of his life. As chair of the Australian Medical Students’ Association Council, as well a policy writer, Leo has experience in shaping policy debate. As a Public Policy Fellow at UNSW, Leo is developing ways to develop and implement good public policy. In addition, Leo has undertaken research at the Centre for Big Data Research in Health and has an interest in the health effects of a changing climate.

Bella Duncan

Director of Policy

Motivated by putting her words into actions, Bella is determined to evoke change for the better. Bella is particularly passionate about pragmatic and effective public policy, specifically in relation to climate change and conservation. Bella is currently studying a B.Law/B.Psychology and also works as a paralegal, legal content writer and behavioural therapist.

Nicholas Comino

Director of Engagement

Nicholas is originally from Queensland and studies agricultural economics at the University of Sydney. He is a Senior Associate at Macquarie Bank and is currently an elected member of the 92nd University of Sydney Student Representative Council. He has been a long time advocate for climate change solutions from a centre-right perspective. 

Leané van Essen

Director of Publications

Leane works as a Media and Policy Adviser to a Minister in the New South Wales Government. She has taken an active role in youth movements at an international and domestic level seeking to promote proactive policy reform and advocacy. Leané also has experience working with NGOs, NFPs, and tech start ups. Academically, Leané has graduated with postgraduates from the University of Queensland and Macquarie University, and is currently studying a Juris Doctor at the University of Sydney.

Soleo Goudswaard

Director of Communications

Soleo Goudswaard is passionate about nature conservation and animal welfare. He has a background in communications, having worked in media and publishing. He holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Media Practice from the University of Sydney. He is also a member of the Pittwater Young Liberals. Other policy interests include global human rights and security.

Thomas Byrnes


Thomas has completed his Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of New South Wales and will go on to finish his Juris Doctorate. He has been active in campaigns on campus to promote the transition to renewable energy sources. These campaigns were successful in persuading the university to commit to a partial divestment from fossil fuels. Thomas currently works full time managing the Accounts Department of a small business. He is passionate about attaining sensible climate policy solutions to not only preserve the environment but promote economic growth within Australia as he believes that we have the potential to be a world leader in this sector.

Dimitri Konstantinidis


Dimitri Konstantinidis has received a Bachelor of Science from UNSW and is currently working in Workers Compensation Insurance as a Case Management Specialist. Dimitri is passionate about Australia’s future and wishes for the Government to take a stronger stance on climate change on the world stage. He believes taking action on climate change can also result in accelerating Australia’s economic growth through investments in renewables and sustainable agricultural technologies. Dimitri considers Australia a country which is perfectly tailored to tap into these markets with our innovative researchers and our abundance of sunlight, wind, and water.

Tiffany O'Keefe

Victorian State Manager

Tiffany is a member of the Victorian Liberal Party and is admitted to the legal profession as an Australian Lawyer. She has worked in large firms and with high profile QCs, through which she gained legal experience in construction and infrastructure, government procurement, domestic and international commercial arbitration, and energy projects. Tiffany’s professional and academic experience has been motivated by a desire to develop economically effective and sustainable energy and climate policy. Currently studying a Master of Laws at the University of Melbourne, specialising in energy law, Tiffany brings with her a strong understanding of the legal frameworks concerning energy infrastructure and public private partnerships. She completed a Bachelor of Laws with first class honours, wherein she wrote a thesis about international regulation of transboundary gas pipelines, and also holds a Bachelor of International Relations. With a strong passion for advocacy, Tiffany won and participated in several mooting competitions in Australia, Hong Kong, and Vienna during her undergraduate studies.

James Ardouin

New South Wales State Manager

James is a 4th year Bachelor of Arts (Economics) & Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Finance) at the University of Sydney. He was previously employed as a staffer for Jason Falinski MP and now works as an Associate at Advoc8. He is interested in the intersection between renewable energy and the finance sector, particularly developing the international market of carbon abatement instruments. James also has been heavily involved in campus politics including the SRC, NUS, Society for Liberty and is currently serving as Undergraduate Member of the Academic Board.

Sean Tran

Queensland State Manager

Sean is a penultimate student at the University of Queensland studying law, finance and French. Alongside his studies, Sean also has experience as a Paralegal at Clyde & Co, President of the University of Queensland Law Society and as a Project Associate at social impact consulting firm spur:org. Over the next year, Sean will also be completing legal clerkships at several leading Australian law firms. Sean has a strong interest in facilitating the conversation about energy transition. He recognises that there are growing opportunities in this space and is excited about the role that government can play in helping the market transition to a carbon-free world.

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