Youth for Conservation (Y4C) 2050 Net Zero Emissions Pledge

About us

Youth for Conservation (Y4C) is a platform for young people who advocate for sensible and effective environmental policy, fostering engagement with non-partisan youth, particularly university students. Formed by a passionate team, it engages supporters at national level to shift the dialogue away from the extremes too often seen in the politics around climate and conservation.

Our Pledge

At present, Australia has not achieved meaningful action on climate change. Despite attempts to formulate practically impactful policy in this area, our Federal Government has been unable to meet the international expectations placed upon it. We at Y4C, like many young people, recognise the need for policy certainty. The direction of climate change policy is obvious and its aim should be the mitigation of emissions.

Knowing this, it is pragmatic that we as a country adopt a Net-Zero by 2050 emissions target. Targets such as these have already been adopted by governments globally such as the United Kingdom, Sweden and New Zealand. Additionally, our own State Governments all have adopted such a target. Instead of lagging behind the international community, Australia should be at the forefront of the global green transition.

We can no longer afford to lag behind the international community.

Therefore, Y4C asks that you put your name to this pledge and call on the Federal Government to adopt a Net-Zero by 2050 emissions target today. 

I sign this pledge and ask the Federal Government to adopt a Net-Zero Emissions by 2050 Target today!



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