C4C Energy Event 20 August 2019

On Tuesday C4C hosted a forum at NSW Parliament gathering energy experts, industry associations and business representatives with The Hon Matt Kean MP, environmental scientist Tim Jarvis AM and John Grimes (CEO, Smart Energy Council) to discuss climate change and promote steps to accelerate the transition to a clean future, balancing economic development and environmental sustainability. 
Minister Kean delivered an inspiring speech reaffirming his commitment to a state based energy policy that will address the issues of reliability and affordability of energy supply: “We need to continue with the decarbonisation of the electricity grid and, beyond this, our wider economy. This is not effortless and requires careful policy design, system planning, the creation of clear signals for efficient investment, the right combination of engineering and economics, coupled with healthy dose of pragmatism and common sense.”
Minister Kean further emphasised that: “Where NSW goes, so too does the nation. We’re going to set a decisive and strong plan which we’re happy to lead on. If they don’t want to lead, then I’m prepared to step up and take charge. I think we can do the right thing and I think we can encourage other states and the commonwealth to follow our lead. I don’t intend to sit on my hands and leave this task to people who want to ignore it.

John Grimes, CEO of the Smart Energy Council, responded to the Minister’s promise stating: “What we must do is make you so successful politically that nobody else would choose doing anything else. This is the most critical thing that we need to solve as a nation; we need to stop this conversation and we need to reward those who stand up and lead, and we need to back them in a real way, so you’ve got us on board.”

Tim Jarvis added that “Leadership is not asking others to do that which you’re not prepared to do yourself.”

Together, there was consensus on leaving the discourse on the science of climate change behind and that there is action needed to combat the growing risks associated with a lack of proper energy and environmental policy.

C4C thanks the Hon Matt Kean MP for his participation as well as speakers John Grimes and Tim Jarvis for their contribution. Thank you to our passionate C4C ambassadors:
The Hon Nick Greiner, The Hon Philip Ruddock and The Hon Robyn Parker for attending and supporting our mission.