Coalition for Conservation Chair Cristina Talacko published her opinion piece on The Canberra Times last 24 Oct. Read the complete article here.

Here is a short excerpt:

As humans, we're hard-wired not to like change. The comfort of familiarity is our preferred status quo, so it is unsurprising that when we are faced with a new situation, there is a tendency to either fight or flee. When it comes to climate change, our policymakers are no different. Some have accepted the writing is on the wall and the costs of inaction greatly exceed the costs of taking decisive steps to reduce our carbon emissions, including putting in place the policy settings we need to drive investment in clean and renewable opportunities. Using a purely economic lens, the evidence could not be plainer. Others, however, are still recalcitrant, carefully weighing the impact this change will have on the traditional Australian industries that are carbon-intense, and how it will affect their communities.