Read HERE the article on the AFR quoting Coalition for Conservation:

'Coalition for Conservation (C4C) is a conservative group seeking to counter the same loud voices that dominate the climate debate on the right.

"The challenge we are posed with is how to shift those Coalition members who are held back by vocal, organised elements who oppose real action to reduce emissions," says businesswoman Cristina Talacko, chair of the C4C.

"It provides a safe space for the Liberals and Nationals to discuss climate," says Talacko of the C4C, which hosted a series of webinars with conservative pro-climate UK members of Parliament, including former prime ministers David Cameron and Theresa May.

"We focus on impact and influence: like playing chess, we work hard on each individual listening to their points of view trying to encourage them to take more action, or shifting their mindset by finding common ground," says Talacko, who hopes to take a conservative MP delegation to the next climate conference in Glasgow, known as the Conference of the Parties (COP26).

Attracting a large number of Australian MPs and members of the Liberal and National parties, Talacko says the webinars open up conversations with UK conservatives to show Australians that conservation aligns with conservative values.

"It's not so much of a problem at state level – they are running an ambitious agenda on emissions reduction – but at federal level there are some bottlenecks and political risks that must be overcome," says Talacko.