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As petrol prices soar and global instability in the oil markets deepens, we must accelerate the shift to electric vehicles. 

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg mentioned on Sunday that reforming fuel emissions standards is an “area of focus” for the Federal government. Whilst the federal government currently supports the roll out of EV charging infrastructure both through the Australian Renewable Energy Agency  (ARENA) and the Future Fuel Strategy Fund, the biggest factor holding back the EV market in Australia is fuel emissions standards.

Current legislation categorises a car as high efficiency at 8L/100km, while our major trading partners require 4L/100km to be considered efficient. Consequently, global auto manufacturers have no incentive to sell EVs into the Australian market, and indeed they are offloading older, less efficient petrol models in Australia.

This issue is highlighted in my opinion piece published in today's Canberra Times. Not only would improved fuel efficiency standards reduce the average Australians' fuel bills by $666 per year and provide an economic benefit to Australia of $27.5 billion, the Parliamentary Budget office found this legislative correction would save $1.58 billion.

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