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NSW Net Zero Plan Stage 1: 2020 to 2030

The NSW Government is committed to taking decisive and responsible action on climate change. That’s why they have already set a goal of net zero emissions by 2050. Read HERE on the Net Zero Plan Stage 1: 2020–2030 to fast-track emissions reduction over the next decade and prepare the State to take further action in the decades to follow.


Inspiring innovation: The key to a green economy recovery

Read HERE the article by Will Farrell, CEN Youth Ambassador and Co-Chair of Tories for Climate Action on how technology will play an important part on the path to a green economic recovery:

BZE releases Million Jobs Plan

Beyond Zero Emissions has release the Million Jobs Plan, the first stage in the project to find and deliver one million new, good, secure, well-paying jobs, to help rebuild the Australian economy after the disruption of the coronavirus pandemic and secure a strong future for all Australians.  

Read more here:

The Million Jobs Plan

The Technology Investment Roadmap

The Government has released the Technology Investment Roadmap discussion paper, that will bring a strategic and system-wide view to future investments in low emissions technologies.

READ HERE: Technology Investment Roadmap

Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction Angus Taylor said the Government sees enormous potential in technologies like hydrogen, carbon capture and storage, soil carbon sequestration, biofuels, resources and energy exports to reduce emissions while strengthening our economy.

“The Government is committed to reducing emissions without imposing new costs on households, while at the same time growing businesses and the economy,” Minister Taylor said.

Op-ed by our Chair Cristina Talacko - Sydney Morning Herald

Read the op-ed by our Chair Cristina Talacko HERE


C4C Energy Event 20 August 2019

On Tuesday C4C hosted a forum at NSW Parliament gathering energy experts, industry associations and business representatives with The Hon Matt Kean MP, environmental scientist Tim Jarvis AM and John Grimes (CEO, Smart Energy Council) to discuss climate change and promote steps to accelerate the transition to a clean future, balancing economic development and environmental sustainability. 
Minister Kean delivered an inspiring speech reaffirming his commitment to a state based energy policy that will address the issues of reliability and affordability of energy supply: “We need to continue with the decarbonisation of the electricity grid and, beyond this, our wider economy. This is not effortless and requires careful policy design, system planning, the creation of clear signals for efficient investment, the right combination of engineering and economics, coupled with healthy dose of pragmatism and common sense.”
Minister Kean further emphasised that: “Where NSW goes, so too does the nation. We’re going to set a decisive and strong plan which we’re happy to lead on. If they don’t want to lead, then I’m prepared to step up and take charge. I think we can do the right thing and I think we can encourage other states and the commonwealth to follow our lead. I don’t intend to sit on my hands and leave this task to people who want to ignore it.

John Grimes, CEO of the Smart Energy Council, responded to the Minister’s promise stating: “What we must do is make you so successful politically that nobody else would choose doing anything else. This is the most critical thing that we need to solve as a nation; we need to stop this conversation and we need to reward those who stand up and lead, and we need to back them in a real way, so you’ve got us on board.”

Tim Jarvis added that “Leadership is not asking others to do that which you’re not prepared to do yourself.”

Together, there was consensus on leaving the discourse on the science of climate change behind and that there is action needed to combat the growing risks associated with a lack of proper energy and environmental policy.

C4C thanks the Hon Matt Kean MP for his participation as well as speakers John Grimes and Tim Jarvis for their contribution. Thank you to our passionate C4C ambassadors:
The Hon Nick Greiner, The Hon Philip Ruddock and The Hon Robyn Parker for attending and supporting our mission.


The New Ministers

Congratulations to the newly appointed Ministers Angus Taylor MPMinister for Energy and Emissions Reductions, Sussan Ley MP Minister for Environment and Trevor Evans MP Assistant Minister for Waste Reduction and Environmental Management.

The focus on environmental management is great to see. Scott Morrison (ScoMo)

Message from the Chair

Australians all seem to agree that climate change played a paramount role in the recent election. In seats like Warringah and Wentworth, some members of the community didn’t believe that the Coalition had enough on the table to tackle climate change whereas in other areas, Labor suffered the consequences of setting extreme targets and uncosted promises. 

Now, more than ever, the Coalition needs to work towards getting the right approach, the right policies and the right business case, finding the balance between economic development and environmental sustainability.

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