Our People


Coalition for Conservation is supported by a wide range of community members. Our Board consists of key centre-right thinking directors who understand the importance of the management of the environment and taking action on climate change. 

Our Board & Executive 

  • Cristina Talacko - Chair
  • Dr Matt Edwards - Vice Chair
  • David Nixon - Treasurer
  • Patrice Pandeleos - Secretary
  • Riley Taylor - Director Y4C
  • Sali Miftari - Director VIC
  • Di Rule - Director VIC
  • Isabella Wiggs - Strategy and Operations Director

Our Ambassadors

  • Hon. Robert Hill AC
  • Hon. Nick Greiner AC
  • Hon. Philip Ruddock AO
  • Chris McDiven AM
  • Hon. Robyn Parker
  • Hon. Malcolm Turnbull AC
  • Lucy Turnbull AO
  • Ian Carson AM