Watch the first of our series of webinars on Global Women in Clean Tech -  In Conversation Female Experts from the Clean Tech and Advanced Nuclear Energy Industry HERE

In this engaging discussion, we delved into the ways in which STEM careers can empower women, enabling them to create a significant and lasting impact within their communities and beyond.

We explored the transformative power of these careers, how they provide a platform for women to contribute their unique perspectives and talents to drive positive change, and the exciting prospects for First Nations communities in embracing the diversification of energy sources and advanced technologies.

The speakers also shed light on how nuclear energy has emerged as an excellent advantage for cheap and secure energy while maintaining a strong focus on safety and environmental friendliness.

Discover how Canada and the USA have successfully navigated the complexities of gaining bipartisan support for nuclear energy, and learn how Australia can draw upon these lessons to shape its own clean energy future


Aleshia Duncan - Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Nuclear Energy Policy and Cooperation, U.S. Department of Energy, Washington DC

Emily Whetung-MacInnes - Senior Advisor Indigenous Engagement at Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries, Former Curve Lake First Nation Chief and Member of Ontario's Electrification and Energy Transition Panel, Canada

Taryn Roske - First Northern Woman Jet Bore System Operator, CAMECO Corporation, Radiation and Environmental Technician, Canada

Prof. Tina Soliman-Hunter - Centre Director, Centre for Energy and Natural Resources Innovation and Transformation (CENRIT), Professor of Energy and Resources Law at Macquarie University, Sydney