We’re delighted to announce that C4C has joined forces with conservative organisations from the UK (Conservative Environment Network - CEN) and the US (American Conservation Coalition - ACCto host the first-ever GLOBAL CONSERVATIVE CLIMATE SUMMIT in Glasgow alongside COP26, providing a forum for conservatives to share perspectives and put forward market-based solutions to address climate change.

Our summit will gather more than 200 international leaders from centre-right parties. We believe that it is important for conservatives to be able to meet fellow lawmakers from around the world and to share reflections and ideas with each other from their own jurisdictions. To develop a compelling message and an effective policy agenda, the conservative climate movement needs a meeting of minds.

C4C will be collaborating with the ACC and CEN delegates at COP26 advocating for an effective climate change approach, promoting the swift implementation of solutions to reduce emissions while simultaneously ensuring economic security.

About our partners:

CEN has done a fantastic job in creating foundations with their government in the United Kingdom that ensure a positive relationship between conservative environmentalism and market security, whilst ACC has created a strong base to effectively communicate and represent American conservative values with economic stability and environmental preservation. 

Bi-partisanship by means of the collaboration between centre-right parties at COP26 will be essential in materially mitigating and adapting to the effects of climate change.

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C4C appreciates the collaborative efforts made by various Liberal and National Party MPs who have made important strides towards our global engagement, by taking part at our international environmental discussion panels and round table events in the past 18 months, voicing how centre-right values align with sensible and measured climate solutions:

I have warmly welcomed the opportunity to engage with UK politicians via Coalition for Conservation (C4C) and the Conservative Environment Network (CEN). By sharing ideas on policies and campaigns, reinforcing ambition and forging strong relationships with fellow centre-right legislators, both the UK and Australia can strengthen their climate credentials. As the Special Envoy for the Great Barrier Reef, I know it is critical that we take meaningful action on and elevate our responses to climate change and I hope that with the help of C4C and CEN that this work can continue and progress in the coming years. 


The Hon Warren Entsch MP.

We are also grateful for the ongoing support of our Ambassadors:

To limit global warming to 1.5-degree centigrade above pre industrial levels, and thus avoid dangerous climate change, is a huge but essential undertaking. Commitments made under the Paris Agreement of 2015 will be insufficient to achieve this goal. More ambitious carbon emission reductions are urgently needed, and all States, including Australia which has so far met its carbon reduction commitments, must accept their fair share of this responsibility. Such a transformation to a low carbon economy and lifestyle, requires leadership from governments, and a commitment from the community as a whole. I urge Australia to be a leader in meeting this challenge in terms of urgency and substance. ”  The Hon. Robert Hill AC, C4C’s Ambassador and former Australia’s Environment Minister.

 C4C looks forward to further collaborative efforts with the Australian Government to successfully uphold our international obligations as per the Paris Climate Agreement.