Watch HERE the second instalment of our enlightening webinar series, Global Women in Clean Tech - In Conversation: Female Experts from the Clean Tech and Advanced Nuclear Energy Industry.

This time, we delved into the fascinating realm of the new nuclear power generation, focusing on Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) and Mini Modular Reactors (MMRs). Our esteemed panel of speakers provided valuable insights into the applications, operation, safety aspects, and fuel types associated with these innovative nuclear technologies. During this engaging webinar, you will have the opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of the new generation of nuclear.

Our speakers shed light on various aspects, including
1. Licensing requirements, construction timeframes, and safety measures associated with SMRs and MMRs.
2. The global investment landscape and increasing demand for these advanced nuclear technologies.
3. The supply chain's efforts to reduce costs and expedite permitting and construction processes.
4. The synergistic relationship between nuclear power and the hydrogen industry and its role in supporting renewables.
5. How SMRs can repower retiring coal plants and retain coal plant workers.
6. How nuclear energy has emerged as a valuable asset for national security, counterbalancing the energy strategies of influential countries like China and Russia.
7. The geopolitical significance of nuclear power in achieving energy independence and supporting other nations.

Our panel of speakers included: Dr. Rita Barawal: Senior Vice President of Energy Systems - AP300™ Small Modular Reactor, Westinghouse Maria Korsnick: President and CEO, Nuclear Energy Institute, Washington DC Dr. Jennifer Gordon: Director of the Nuclear Energy Policy Initiative, Atlantic Council’s Global Energy Center Lenka Kollar: Co-founder, Helixos