We can’t win any long-term policy shifts at state or federal levels without bipartisan support. Engaging and shifting the conservative side of politics is key to ending the ‘climate wars’ and moving forward with positive action. Yet until now, there has not been any vehicle with ties inside the Liberal and National parties able to do this.

Coalition for Climate Action is an initiative by C4C designed to lay the groundwork for the bipartisan support for action on climate change that Australia desperately needs.

We are forming a strategic group of Liberals and Nationals who wish to assist our Government in getting the right policies and business case that are sound for the future of our environment and economy, giving continuance to the debate across clean energy, clean transport, green technologies, protection of our fauna and flora and other issues.

Our aim is to help build a steady drumbeat of voices calling for more action to address damage to our climate, help engage LNP members, branches and representatives more deeply in understanding climate & renewable issues and provide support for high-profile conservatives willing to speak out to shift the debate.
We invite you to be part of our group.

Will you sign up?