Shaping a coherent, responsible, and affordable energy policy while protecting our natural capital is vital to securing a cleaner, healthier, and safer Australia. Legislators are in a unique position to present credible and responsible solutions to climate challenges. We believe that time-tested principles can create energy security, boost our economy, and protect the environment.

The Coalition Climate Network was formed during the C4C National Climate Conference 2022 in Sydney. It was announced by Rt Hon David Cameron, proposed by Senator Dean Smith, moved by Senators David Van and Andrew McLachlan, and joined by many Liberal and National MPs. The group was created to develop a robust agenda of meetings and events to facilitate the gathering of legislators to put forward sensible ideas to tackle climate change. Our objectives are to:

  • Foster energy independence by supporting technologies that reduce emissions.
  • Develop a national strategy to reduce global emissions and protect the environment through pro-growth and market-based solutions.
  • Create closer engagement among Australian and international like-minded legislators and experts.
  • Facilitate the participation of legislators at national and international meetings, conferences, and summits.

C4C’s newly formed parliamentary group will have the mission to

  • promote dialogue on Net Zero and more ambitious NDCs,
  • work on a national strategy to address climate change,
  • present relevant information and promote business-led initiatives.