Sensible points made by the Liberals with regards to the Nationals proposing the construction of new coal-fired power stations:
Trent Zimmerman MP: ”Building new coal-fired power stations is completely inconsistent with the inevitable course where energy is heading in Australia, and would only serve to undermine our goal of reducing emissions and getting to net-zero. We need to focus on where the world and our community is at, which is facilitating the uptake of renewable energy, which is already performing so strongly because it has become so economically viable.”
Jason Falinski MP said the Nationals were proposing protectionist policies for the coal sector. “Protecting failing industries is the opposite of what we should be doing if we want to be a competitive nation,” he said. “This is a 19th-century solution to 21st-century challenges.”
Dave Sharma MP said Australia should look to become a “renewable energy superpower to make things like low-emissions steel, green aluminium, and hydrogen as a fuel”. “We need to be looking forward, positioning ourselves for the technologies and industries of the future, not those of the past. This is the responsible way to secure our jobs and industries into the future.”

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