C4C at COP26: C4C led a delegation of Australian MPs to attend COP26 in Glasgow. Alongside COP, we have partnered with the UK Conservative Environment Network and the American Conservation Foundation to host the Global Conservative Climate Summit gathering prominent politicians and thought leaders from around the globe to discuss and advocate for a conservative approach to climate change.

Watch the opening of GCCS by The Rt Hon Theresa May HERE

Our MPs signed the world's first Centre Right Climate Action Declaration, coinciding with the anniversary of Margaret Thatcher's landmark 1989 UN global environment speech. The declaration has been signed by 300 legislators from 46 countries.

The safeguarding of precious natural resources has always been a key feature of conservative governments. We believe that the environment should be front and centre of policy discussions. Transitioning to cleaner energy and improving sustainable practices is not only good policy but makes economic sense and is essential for our people’s future.

We coordinate environmental action by organising events and discussions covering:

  • Waste and water management
  • Renewables & clean technologies
  • Green transport
  • Decarbonisation of heavy industry
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Biodiversity

We collaborate with like-minded partners on events and reports on an ad hoc basis, which often involves sponsorship funding. If you're interested in working with C4C on a future project or event then please do get in touch!