Did you know that France generates 70% of its electricity from nuclear sources, while Ukraine, Slovakia, Belgium, and Hungary rely on nuclear for around half of their energy portfolios? About 15% of Canada's electricity comes from nuclear power, with 19 reactors mostly in Ontario. China takes the lead in global expansion, with 16 reactors under construction, closely followed by India with 8. Contrastingly, Australia, abundant in uranium, upholds a nuclear power ban.

Coalition for Conservation and the World Nuclear Association hosted an expert panel at COP28 in Dubai exploring the role of nuclear energy, its potential benefits for Australia, available technologies, and the intriguing contrasts shaping the global energy landscape.


Ted O'Brien MP - Australia's Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Energy

Sama Bilbao y León - CEO, Wolrd Nuclear Association 

Stefano Buono - CEO, New Cleo

David Scott -  CEO - Invest DC, Director - Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation

Hon Jeff Merrifield - Vice Chair of the US Nuclear Industry Council

Cristina Talacko - CEO, Coalition for Conservation