Coalition for Conservation (C4C) is a forum for conservatives including members and supporters of the Liberal and National parties, who champion greater action to preserve and protect our environment.

We believe in the responsible management of our environment and resources to safeguard Australia for current and future generations. 

We engage with the conservative side of politics aligning with the Coalition to debate, devise and show case centre-right ideas to meet environmental challenges, reducing emissions whilst supporting the economy. We celebrate and promote the achievements of conservative-leaning local, state and federal political representatives on environmental issues. We organise local events, policy discussions and submissions and speaking evenings.  

 Our objectives:

  1. Create a positive agenda for the environment across the conservative movement, finding unity and common purpose, and directing it towards real change;
  2. Lead a mobilised and motivated national platform for the conservative movement to influence Government, debate views on how to achieve better environmental outcomes and contribute to policy change;
  3. Host major events to challenge current thinking, develop economically viable solutions, providing a forum for Government and businesses to share ideas;
  4. Be independent and transparent about our funding and sponsorship. 

We are a not-for-profit funded through event income and donations from foundations and individuals who support our objectives. Get in touch by dropping us a line at

To keep up to date with our work and events join us by signing up here: C4C