Our work:

We work with the conservative voices within the Coalition debating, devising and show casing centre-right ideas to reduce emissions whilst supporting our economy. We do so through a combination of thought leadership, fostering public and private networks and hosting  high level events. We collaborate with like-minded organisations exchanging knowledge and expertise and utilising each others strengths.

 Our objectives:

  1. Create a positive agenda for the environment across the conservative movement, finding unity and common purpose, and directing it towards real change;
  2. Lead a mobilised and motivated national platform for the conservative movement to influence Government, debate views on how to achieve better environmental outcomes and contribute to policy change;
  3. Host major events to challenge current thinking, develop economically viable solutions, providing a forum for Government and businesses to share ideas;
  4. Be independent and transparent about our funding and sponsorship. 

Our Ambassadors and supporters:

The work of our Team is supported by our Ambassadors and a large number of volunteers and supporters including Liberal and National Party members and Members of Parliament.

‘The Liberal Party has always been the party of strong stewardship. Liberals understand the obligation we have to the next generation of handing on a healthy economy, low debt, a cohesive society and a sustainable environment – all these factors support and reinforce each other.’ (Tim Wilson MP, Federal Liberal Member for Goldstein and Chair of Standing Committee on Economics)

"As a nation we have made many mistakes in the management of our natural resources, but we now have a better understanding of the issues, improved science and education, national environment laws which are the best in the world and a respected environment department.Most importantly, the mainstream of society is taking control of the debate, is starting to accept responsibility to use natural resources sustainably and is being supported by government to do so. Conserving native vegetation and the marine environment, protecting the health of our rivers and streams and ensuring adequate environmental flows and conservation of our fragile soils—these challenges are immense. But these natural systems are the source of life and essential to its nourishment and wellbeing. Caring for these systems is a fundamental responsibility we owe to future generations." (The Hon Robert Hill AC)

"Over the next two to three decades mankind will determine the type of planet that the generations will inherit. Climate change is the biggest challenge that will face our society and our economy in our lifetime. The good news is that over the next few decades, we have the opportunity to avoid the worst effects of climate change and it is an opportunity which is incumbent upon us, as custodians of our planet for future generations, to take." (The Hon Matt Kean MP, NSW Minister for Energy & Environment)

“The Liberal Party in Victoria has a proud tradition of ensuring our environment is valued and protected. Victorians expect real action on climate change to ensure future generations continue to enjoy the same beautiful natural environment in which we live in today. Our challenge is to transition to a low carbon economy – one that creates jobs by taking advantage of renewable resources and existing and emerging technologies. ( Bridget Vallence MP, Shadow Minister for Environment & Climate Change and Shadow Minister for Youth on the Victorian Liberal Nationals, Member for Evelyn)

Support C4C:

We are a not-for-profit funded through event income and donations from foundations and individuals who support our objectives. Get in touch by dropping us a line at [email protected]

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