We can’t win any long-term policy shifts at state or federal levels without bipartisan support.

Engaging and shifting the conservative side of politics is key to ending the ‘climate wars’ and moving forward with positive action. 


Coalition for Conservation is a new initiative designed to lay the groundwork for the bipartisan support for action on climate change that Australia desperately needs. Right now, Australian politics stands at a crossroads on climate change.

A strategic investment now will help build a steady drumbeat of conservative voices calling for action to address damage to our climate, help engage centre right voters more deeply in understanding climate & renewable issues and provide support for high-profile conservatives willing to speak out to shift the debate - both in public, and behind closed doors.



Damage to our climate is happening now, and Australians are being affected today. The number of heatwave days in Canberra has doubled, in Sydney heatwaves are starting 19 days earlier, and in Adelaide, heatwave days are on average 4 degrees hotter than they used to be.

The hottest 10 years in Australia have all occurred since 1980. Heat causes more deaths than any other type of extreme weather event in Australia. Unchecked climate change threatens Australians’ health, food and water security, infrastructure, regional communities and urban centres.